Thursday, December 2, 2010

Goblin Vs. Worgen!

From earlier this year. Goblin Vs. Worgen.

These are the thumbnails I sketched for the Art Director to choose from.


  1. Well I don't understand why you didn't like it in the frist place. You've done a pretty well creating a dimensional feel of the worgen jumping into the forground. I also do like his face. nice brushwork!! :)
    Hope you'll be posting again soon!


  2. Yeah man, I am stoked that you got to create a more loose piece as you said before you felt a little stale, and render focused.

    I really like it dude, keep kicking buttz.

    more <3 for you!


  3. Dude I think it turned out Great. Your loose pieces have a nice energy.

  4. Thanks guys. I think I didn't like it because the flesh tone of the goblin could have been better, there's little variation in my brushwork, and the background blows. I'll do better next time!

  5. That's the worst, when you finish up a piece and you instantly can't stand the sight of it haha! Either way, it turned out awesome. Sick piece, man. Looking forward to your next post.

  6. Late comment, but I've always loved this piece wherever I saw it. I'm a huge goblin fan, and it's WONDERFUL to finally see one depicted as something other than cartoon-y silly. That goblin looks like he's ready to kick some butt and take names! The worgen looks great too, but your goblin just stands out from all the silly renditions, even if they are supposed to be a "silly" race according to some people. Beautiful work.

    1. Thanks, Anonymous! Yeah, While at Bliz I always tried to take a different approach to the two "Craft" universes. Sometimes it may have worked, sometimes not so much?