Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nightworld characters

A smattering of concepts for the characters and guns.
Also posted are the first character models I've built in a looong time. I had fun dusting off the old low-poly skills.


  1. wow seriously those monochromatic thumbs are just a treat to look at. It's just gorgeous how you play with shapes. it almost feels like clay modeled and left in a rough stage giving it a very tangible feel. those environments surprised me alot as well for whatever reason. I suppose I've always seen you more as the character guy. you have a very nice sense of form and shape/mass. I'd say if anything I'd prefer doing low poly just to get that quality if that makes sense (if I would go into the field of 3d).

    thanks for the blog post, it really means quite something to me and came just at the right time!

  2. great looking models
    whats the texture resolution ?

  3. Thanks a lot, AJ! I get what you're saying about low poly models. I feel like the Zbrush stuff is akin to over-rendering. I like trying to achieve more with less. I was really rusty at modelling at this point, though, so I would like to have another go around to see if I've actually gotten any better.

    sglivich: 512x512 with most of the space given to the face as we have some in-game close-ups.

  4. Low poly for the win! You still got it buddy.

  5. Great stuff! It's amazing that you can draw a stylish characters as from fantasy to post apocalyptic solders.

  6. wow... awesome stuff! What program do you use for low poly models?

    1. Normally Maya, but these were built with 3DS Max.

  7. how many tris is this model roughly without accessories?