Friday, November 23, 2012

Stolen Art

You gotta love how companies just decide to steal art and not bother letting the artist know they just worked for free.

How about some love OVIP mobile (inc.) ?


  1. Looks like some teenagers decided to make another lame game in freeware editor and pasted there first image they googled. Nothing to worry about.

  2. Ha! Loooks exactly like John said. But still.. it can get anyone pissed!
    How did you find out about this?

    1. Someone on CG Hub clued me in the other day.

  3. WTF. Why it's still on this website? You should ask him to delete this banner. In my opinion it doesn't matter if this is a teenager if he use it as a promotial picture. Now he can give away his apps for free but who knows if the next one will be for money? And he can still steal artworks. Better now, than when he will get used to practises like this, and you, or someone else will ruin him for taking someones work without written permission. If he's young he needs a lesson. Definately you should do something :/