Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nightworld environments

Last year I spent some time making art for this little iOS title. It came and went, but I thought it could have been cool if given more time. I love top-down/isometric, stealth/tactics gameplay. I had a couple months to bang out all the concepts for character, environment, and weapons, and models for the characters and weapons. Not very polished, although I'm happy with the amount of work done in the time. This is also marks my first time being an environment concept artist! I definitely need more environment practice.


  1. Please can you tell me some books for drawing, cahracters, concepts, cenario, but i realy like characters, because i want to improve my drawings, i learn to do my sketchs without lessons ,but now i think that i need some lessons to improve. My name is hugo carvalho, and i love your jobs man, sorry for the inconvenience(i dont know if i said right) but if i need to learn, i will ask the bests :D

  2. Hi, Hugo

    Glad you like my stuff. :) As far as books are concerned...Alla Prima by Richard Schmidt is a great one. I always keep an eye out for books by Sargent and Wyeth and Frazetta and any painter really, who catches my eye. and CGHub are great online resources. Tons of DVD tutorials available through Gnomon and various other places. Basically study everything you see and like. Stay away from highly stylized work and strengthen your fundamentals and then venture out with your own style. It kills me to see people who paint/draw exactly like other artists and then never establish an identity of their own.

    Recently found this site for some pretty good free tutorials:

    Good luck, man!