Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stuff from the Diablo 3 Art Book

Barbarian vs Ranger PVP
This is the first scene I ever painted, as in, not just a dude standing there with a foggy background. There are so many things in here I see that need repainting/correcting but I'll resist. Those of you with the collectors Edition would have seen it in the hero section of the Art Book. That's the thing about Blizzard; stuff you work on is kept in a secret vault for around 5 years give or take, and then BAM! Funsplosion happens all up in your face.

Also, here are a few older Barb concepts I never got around to posting. These have been floating around the internets for awhile.

And finally the models I made for the 2nd round of D3 Goatmen. This was when we were still in our gritty phase before the rainbows and shit hit the public fan. Ahh, good times.


  1. That's really cool stuff man. I really wish they would have made all the tier armor look more like your work. I hate how it ended up looking more like a knight. I too have an obsession with barbarians. I just started working on a piece based off your submission a few blows back. You can check it out at and my other barbarian on my site I appreciate your work.

  2. Thanks, Peter. Yeah, the higher tier armor sets did end up sorta looking like a knight. Makes it a bit harder to differentiate a Knight-ish Barb from an actual Knight type should they introduce one. IMHO, the class's identity is a little diluted if it isn't immediately identifiable as what it is. Part of that is keeping visible the powerful anatomy of the Barbarian. I'm sure they'll figure out a way to make it work. But then again, the way the Barb is animated in his combat is unmistakable! Much respect to Cheeming Boey. :)
    Nice job on your models, too. Barbarians are rad!

  3. exciting to hear that there was a more gritty phase of DIII development. it seems really world of warcraft defiled much of blizzard general art direction. damn how could this game have looked today if they stuck with it.